Stats on Regional Investment

Oct 29, 2014 | Property Investing, Property Market

Why invest in the regions? Here are some numbers that show what’s achievable.

Whyalla SA, median house price $285,000, 1yr growth 12%, typical rental yields 6.7%.
Dubbo NSW, median price $310,000, 1yr growth 11%, typical yields 5.8%.
Woree (Cairns) QLD, median $310,000, 1yr growth 16%, yields 5.7%.
Gosford NSW, median unit price $290,000, 1yr growth 12%, yields 6.1%.
Earlville (Cairns) QLD, median unit price $215,000, 1yr growth 19%, yields 7.7%.
There are many other examples showing that good regional centres can provide lower prices and higher yields, compared to capital cities, as well as good growth prospects.


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