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Loan Success Stories: Hannah

Feb 13, 2021 | Success Stories

How long has your current loan been? It’s always a good idea to review your current loan because it might save you hundreds of dollars like Hannah.  

She came to us to get a better interest rate on her loan and also remove her ex-husband, so the loan would only be in her name. Hannah is a single mum working part-time and receiving Centrelink benefits, so we needed a bank that would allow this type of income.   

Hannah wanted to start paying off the loan as the current loan with ANZ was Interest Only repayments with an interest rate of 4.14%. 

We worked with Hannah to look at options available, and in the end, helped her refinance to Connective Home Loans – Select (backed by Adelaide Bank). The new loan had Principal & Interest repayments with a 2.64% rate.  

By refinancing, we were able to save Hannah $3,675 in annual interest savings, and it means she can pay off the mortgage sooner. 

She was amazed by the seamless process it took. Hannah thanked us for our patience and professionalism in getting her a new loan. 

If you are keen on exploring better loan deals to save money and pay off your loan sooner or refinancing or achieving other financial goals, please contact us. We are always ready to assist you!  

Note: Client’s name intentionally changed for privacy reasons. Image is for illustration purposes only.

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