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Loan Success Stories: Chris

Apr 17, 2021 | Success Stories

Chris is already Barry’s client with whom he had done several loan applications and had helped build his property portfolio. He recently came back to Barry to ask for help regarding the new project he would like to work on. 

Chris wanted to get equity out of their home and use it for building a Granny flat. However, the problem came in when their existing loans held them back from using most lenders. It is because the amount of income they need to service these loans affect their serviceability of the new loan. 

Here is what Barry did to help them: 

✅ Barry needed to get all kinds of proof of income including bonus income. 

✅ He also used one of the big four banks and one that did not consider existing loans of the family trust.  

After discussing the option with Chris, he was happy with it. And though it took about three months working with one of the four banks, he got through the process providing constant communication to Chris.  

Chris was extremely happy to finally get the loan suited for his goals and situation.  

He thanked Barry for his professionalism and patience, and for going the extra mile in helping him. 

The loan got settled and Chris got the finance he needed to tick off another financial goal in building wealth through property.  

A lot of things could get in your way of getting finance. It can also be confusing with many products in the market. However, it should not stop you from achieving your goal. So, let us explore the options for you instead! Get in touch with us. 

Note: Client’s name intentionally changed for privacy reasons. Image is for illustration purposes only.

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