Investor Behaviour

Aug 4, 2010 | Property Market

A great statement from Terry Ryder that is so true, the strong determined ones will take action at the right times.

One of quirks of investor behaviour is the tendency to take action at the wrong times. Right now it’s clear the property market is coming to the end of its recent growth phase – not surprisingly, given the loss of consumer confidence amid poor federal leadership on both sides of politics, the calling of an election and the Reserve Bank’s earlier mistakes with interest rates. This is the time for investors to become active: price growth appears to have stopped, market activity has declined and interest rates are stable. This constitutes a buyers’ market. Most people, however, will do the opposite: they will retreat into their shells and refuse to come out until the market is raging again – which is the wrong time to be buying. Remember this: no one ever became wealthy by following the pack. The pack always runs in the wrong direction.

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