Home Decorating Trends that Are Popular in Sydney Right Now

Sep 22, 2017 | Property Market

Home design trends don’t change as quickly as fashion trends do but they certainly evolve, creating room for new ideas and stylish themes. With property prices in Sydney still soaring high, homeowners and investors continue to improve on the aesthetics of their properties in an attempt to increase their purchase price or rental value.

An Appetite for Home Renovations

Home improvement is a major pastime for many Australian homeowners. Statistics published by the recent HIA Renovations Roundup report reveal that Australian home improvement expenditures are expected to exceed $33 billion in 2019, and this year has certainly been very interesting in terms of home decorating trends. Let’s take a look at some of the more inspiring ideas that are currently shaping the residential property design scene within New South Wales’ capital city.

Home Decorating Trends Currently Popular in Sydney

New Wooden Flooring – One of the things many homeowners do to improve the resale value of their homes is installing new floors. The trend this year revolves around wooden floorings. There has been an increase in demand for sustainable and affordable wooden flooring options as well as for longer and broader planks. As for colour, natural-looking and darker tones are currently quite popular, along with herringbone and chevron parquet timber floorings.

Painting Walls – When it comes to making a property look more attractive, simple changes like adding a new coat of paint in a modern hue can make a huge difference. Strong colours like red are transforming dining rooms and bookshelves in homes. Meanwhile, moodier tones like teal blue are giving bedrooms and lounge rooms more character. White, off-white, and beige continue to serve as appealing backdrop colours for accessories and furniture in the living room.

Sleeker, Modern Tiles – Trends in home renovations are increasingly being driven by people’s attitudes to our ever-changing world. Those trying to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes for personal or investment reasons are replacing old kitchen and bathroom tiles for designs that deliver a sleeker and more modern look. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles are also gaining more popularity. Keep an eye out for tiles with the so-called “kit-kat” design. They’re long, rectangular, come in a variety of colours, and will help enhance your kitchen’s looks.

Blinds Transforming Windows – Although blinds aren’t entirely replacing curtains, they’re quite popular now. They come in many styles with a variety of durable fabrics. Textured block-out and light-filtering fabrics are making a statement, too. Double roller varieties and outdoor blinds are also transforming windows, making them more appealing. Blinds don’t cost much to install and they update the look of your home. Top of the line double roller block-out blinds could cost around $300-$400 for two windows. Go for neutral shades to make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in your property in the future.

Landscaping to highlight your Property’s Beauty – A little bit of landscaping can help buyers or tenants appreciate the full beauty of the whole of your property. Think about what they are going to see as they walk up to your home. Hire a horticulturist to prune heavy branches and allow more light in. Even if you’re landscaping on a budget, you can increase the worth of your property by up to $15,000 through landscaping.

Outdoor Kitchens – You could also consider installing an outdoor kitchen to boost your property’s potential value. The idea of having an outdoor kitchen is appealing to many, and you can maximise its effect in an area where it’s usually warm and sunny. If you don’t want to spend much, you could instead install a breakfast bar and add a small seating area. This allows you to extend your entertaining space and stay on trend while adding value.

Decorative Accessories – To make your house or property stand out, it’s wise to invest in decorative screens or 3D wall art. They’re making big style statements this year in Sydney and are perfect for accentuating any living space. You could also install LED strip lights under your kitchen cabinets or along the stairway to add more visual interest to your home’s interior.

Never Underestimate the Benefits of an Aesthetically Pleasing Property

For many property buyers and tenants, appearance is one of the major considerations in the decision-making process together with location and pricing. As such, it’s important to take the necessary steps in improving your residential property’s appearance, especially if you’re planning to rent or sell it. If you do things right, you’ll be able to attract more eyes and raise your property’s rent or purchase value so that you’ll be able to earn back much more than what you spent for renovation expenditures.

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