Fun Holiday Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

Dec 1, 2017 | Finance

School holidays and the festive period are fast approaching. Whether you have kids or are working, trying to figure out what to do for the holidays can prove challenging. Here we share a few ideas to keeping everyone entertained.

Christmas decoration origami  This activity can be done over a long period of time and will save you having to think about buying new decorations or pulling out the old ones. Use recycled paper, newspaper, or print your own paper designs. Check out this website for folding instructions and free printable paper designs.

Host a movie extravaganza – Whether it’s an all-day event or just a night in, building a massive couch nest, making your own popcorn, getting all the junk food and deciding on several movies to watch is a much cheaper and more fun option than heading out to the theatre. Why not introduce your partner and/or kids to classic movies they’ve never seen?

The Science Kitchen – This is a fun way to watch how your kids’ minds work and see the wonder on their faces as you watch and learn something new. For the adult kids, it’s just a fun thing to do! There are several websites that can guide you through science experiments in the kitchen, such as this one and this one.

Culture Shock – Museums and galleries are great places for everyone and always have something new happening, especially during the holiday season. If you have kids, they are great places to teach them about our past and present. Here is a great website with useful tips on keeping the kids entertained while in there.

Explore and discover – Go somewhere you haven’t been in a while or somewhere new, either way it’s important to explore. If you haven’t been to the countryside, pack a picnic and drive out. There’s bound to be a beautiful spot to stop. If you haven’t seen the city in ages, also pack a picnic (in a backpack for easy carrying) and take the train or bus. More importantly, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of who lives there or how many people have walked these streets and who they were. Enjoy the wonder of rediscovery.

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